During the course of any year we test over a 1,000 LED lighting products from manufacturers worldwide. Most tests pass with flying colours and meet customer’s expectation but unfortunately this is not always the case……

Our top Ten tips to avoid failure:

In position 10:

Beam shape is not as expected!

In position 9:

The power drawn by the product appears Wrong!

In position 8:

The Luminous Efficacy is lower than expected!

In position 7:

Appearing for the second time: Luminous Efficacy is lower than expected!

So many potential events conspire to work against you

This time the reason for failure is to do with binning

In position 6:

Once again it’s our old friend: “Luminous Efficacy, lower than expected”

The reason this time is due to Thermal Management

In position 5:

Colour Temperature Not as Expected!

The Colour Temperature, or C.C.T., of the L.E.D. is a key specification for lighting products

In position 4:

The Color Rendering Index is lower than expected!

The Color Rendering Index refers to a light source’s quality or ability to show or render colors “naturally” when reflecting off objects.
The quality of the light is directly correlated to the quality of the LED source.

In position 3:

The Product Flickers or Buzzes!

In position 2:

The light is uncomfortable meaning the Glare is too high!

In position 1:

The Power factor is too low!