LUX VERIFIED - A lighting data verification
scheme - trusted, independent

How can you effectively assure your customer that your products are safe, will do the job, and will deliver the anticipated ROI?

A changing world is driving uncertainty

Today’s purchasing managers face a lighting industry in transition.

Technology, which for 100 years has been based on glass and metal is now semiconductor electronics and software.

Supply chains which were once homogenous have fragmented with multiple vendors from a global supply chain contributing to a single product – such as LED and electronic control and driver technology.

Industries, (lighting and IT) whose standards in the past were distinct have converged with the emergence of the Internet of Things’ (IoT) – including wireless networks and embedded software.

Regulation, which was never simple - is further muddied as the UK heads towards Brexit.

In the lighting world – the trust in data has been lost

All these changes have diminished customer trust in the product performance and compliance data. Trust, further dented by industry confusion about Testing and Certification. End user skepticism ultimately makes selling your products increasingly di cult in an expanding global marketplace.

LUX VERIFIED - A trusted independent cost-effective Mark

To meet this marketplace challenge, the LUX-TSI has launched LUX VERIFIED.
The LUX VERIFIED scheme provides a unique ‘stamp of trust’ which when affixed to product’s datasheets and company’s websites, gives manufacturers a significant competitive advantage.

  • LUX VERIFIED provides clients with confidence that your DoC and technical file demonstrates compliance with the relevant international and local regulations.
  • LUX VERIFIED enables you to market your photometric and lumen maintenance data with trusted mark of independence and competence.
  • LUX VERIFIED provides trust in the projected energy cost savings predicted for your product through the photometric energy performance and lumen maintenance verification.

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