LUXSURE - A trusted lighting assurance scheme providing manufacturers with access to insurance backed extended warranties

How can you assure your customers that your product warranties are robust and fully supported?
How can you meet your customer’s demand for a no-quibble guarantee?
How can you remove your balance sheet liability and provide yourself peace of mind?

An industry becoming increasingly demanding

End Users are now expecting that lighting products are provided with 10, 15, even 20 year warranties. Due to the manner in which some manufacturers issued warranties, major end users such as local authorities now insist that warranties are backed with capital set aside, tying up huge cash reserves.

Such cash reserves, deter smaller manufacturers, playing into the hands of global lighting companies. This represents the single major barrier to smaller manufacturers winning larger contracts detrimentally impacting growth and future value.

Warranties are becoming the new battleground. Major manufacturers utilise their size and trading history to dominate on large contract tender submissions, where smaller manufacturers struggle to compete even when offering more cost effective and efficient products due to their limited trading history.

Luxsure – provides access to a trusted luminaire warranty programme

To meet this challenge, Luxsure have combined their expertise with that of LUX-TSI to give you exclusive access to a Luminaire Warranty Programme Underwritten by a leading Lloyds of London Insurer. In the case of a manufacturer
ceasing to trade Luxsure will work with administrators and/or insurers to provide alternative products as long as supplies last.

Luxsure have developed a ‘smart’ and affordable approach to verification of LED Luminaire quality and longevity

To qualify, a product is required to undergo independent product reliability verification testing which provides the underwriters a quantifiable assessment of the failure risk.

The warranty is globally available for UK and overseas manufacturers for projects around the world.

Luxsure – A clear route to insurance backed warranties

Luxsure unique service includes:

  • Verification of your product’s quality and key physical aspects - including thermal, electrical, mechanical and chemical characteristics. Verification is undertaken in LUX-TSI’s state-of-the-art accredited Laboratory operating under a ISO/IEC 1 7025 quality management system;
  • An objective assessment to be used by the insurance underwriters to rate the risk of failure;
  • Administration of the extended warranty program, which can include factory audits, site visits and market surveillance;
  • Administration of the claims handling process, using industry acknowledged expertise to adjudicate claims.

"We are happy to help with expert knowledge and capabilities and that’s why our customers return time and time again"