Independent Consultancy and Product Certification Services for LED and Lighting Companies

The global lighting industry is facing unprecedented change driven by rapidly developing technology, evolving regulation and an increasingly competitive environment

IoT is driving the new light

Technology, which for 100 years has been based on ‘glass and metal’, is now semiconductor electronics and software. Light is now an integral component of the Internet of Things (IoT), with LEDs, electronic controls and driver technology all seamlessly integrated with wireless and wired networks. Technological complexity and supply chain uncertainty is increasing exponentially.

Are you ready to cope with the level of change?

This level of change is creating widespread confusion on the correct approach to Design, Testing and Certification. ‘Change’ is impacting a manufacturer’s ability to effectively sell products in an increasingly global marketplace. ‘Change’ is impacting the level of trust in any performance or safety-related data required to satisfy complex regulatory environments.

The regulatory environment is not helping. The lack of global harmonized standards leads to a quagmire of differing and contradictory standards. Little to no correlation exists between ‘regulation’ and product. Further, the uncertainty of Brexit has muddied an already confusing situation.

Nevertheless, new large-scale entrants from overseas are looking to enter the UK and European market, potentially able to out-compete local competitors with resources, skills and capital.

Getting safe and compliant products on time to market makes the entire difference to the profitability of your product range.

A trusted independent knowledgeable source becomes imperative

Our consulting and training services is designed to ensure you achieve your goals in the most efficient manner - whether it’s navigating the labyrinth of regulation, gaining global market access, ensuring sustainable operations, understanding how to manage certification and testing processes.

We achieve this through a unique blend of consulting services - ranging from expert knowledge transfer and ‘insight’, to training courses, one-one mentoring or company workshops.

Our consulting services are backed-up by our in-house accredited testing laboratory. Our strong partnerships with global certification bodies ensure we cover your needs from start to finish. We even accept placement of your staff within our own laboratories for the ultimate ‘on-the-job’
training experience.

"We are happy to help with expert knowledge and capabilities and that’s why our customers return time and time again"

Our clear and unambiguous guidance enables our clients to become more knowledgeable

LUX-TSI has in house experts to manage the whole product certification process. Our experts are flexible, responsive and attuned to the needs of companies both large and small. We can offer a one-stop-shop for all product certification and testing needs.