Road Safety Equipment Compliance for UK,
EU, US and Global Markets

Is your Road Traffic Equipment compliant?

There are very specific regulations and standards relating to Road Traffic Equipment in the UK and European market. If you are manufacturing, importing or selling such equipment – from the humble traffic cone to a fully integrated Smart Motorway system – you have a responsibility to ensure your product is ‘safe and compliant’. Are you sure you are? LUX-TSI can help.

More computing power than the first Apollo space craft

The UK’s first motorway, the M1, was opened in 1959. The designers at that time could never have imagined how the road network and driving were to change. The speed of cars, the standardisation of traffic signage, and the sophistication of embedded technology. One of the greatest advancements was the understanding of how light impacts motorist when travelling at speed.

Today’s motorways have more embedded computing power than the space craft that put a man on the moon. This year the first stretch of ‘smart’ road (M3 Jnct. 2-4) will be opened, with the ‘road’ directly communicating with control centres and with (suitable equipped) cars.

The road traffic equipment market is correspondingly evolving. All signage will move from ‘dumb’ to ‘intelligent’, from standalone to ‘networked’, from ‘communicators’ to ‘sensors’.

Increasing regulation for an evolving market

With any change, regulators follow. Increasingly complex rules and regulation covering use of technology such as LED and networked communication systems is now being ‘rolled-out’. Confusion abounds. Which standards, tests and regulations need to be met?

The route to meeting the regulatory requirements for the market in Europe is CE marking.

In many cases, road traffic equipment will fall under the construction products regulation (CPR) and will require a notified body (our partner BSI) to be assigned to conduct a conformity assessment under the relevant EU Directives. The conformity assessment involves an audit of the manufacturer’s quality system and a review of the relevant technical documentation provided by the manufacturer in support of the safety and performance claims for the device.

"We are happy to help with expert knowledge and capabilities and that’s why our customers return time and time again"

So how can LUX-TSI help ?

LUX-TSI can help, by ensuring you have the necessary evidence in place to give you and your customers assurance that your product is safe and compliant. We do so in way which is as painless and cost-effective as possible.

LUX-TSI provides:

  • One-stop-shop – Everything can be done through LUX-TSI and BSI with no worries of having to ship various items to different tests labs.
  • Help via BSI to provide customers with CE mark for European distribution. Product performance testing with quick turnarounds for initial verification and as part of the BSI notified body CE marking process.
  • Technical file review to make sure all documentation is valid and complies with regulations.
  • Knowledge transfer, training and education to manufacturers to ensure their product are fit for purpose prior to testing.

LUX-TSI test only what’s needed

At LUX-TSI, we have developed a modular, scalable approach, allowing customers to de-risk every aspect of the product testing process.

Our safety and performance engineers are here to support our customers through this process, ensuring the right elements of test are performed at the right time. We ensure no test is ever unnecessarily duplicated. Our tests are designed to help customers direct testing back down the supply chain where appropriate.

Key Testing Competencies within our lab and partner network are:

  • Electrical and Mechanical Safety;
  • Product Optical Performance (making sure the light goes where it needs to);
  • Product Endurance (Temperature, Humidity, Vibration, Drop, Impact (IK) and Ingress (IP) testing);
  • Product Lifetesting (Long-term product performance capability verification);
  • Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) including emissions and immunity.
  • CE Marking – liaison with notified body (BSI in UK).
  • Conduct technical audit of road trials, sampling and in-road testing.

Why Choose Us

  • LUX-TSI has the fastest turn arounds in the industry - meeting our clients tight time schedules.
  • We are known for our great customer service. Always ready to listen to your problems and develop solutions tailored to your needs.
  • We are easy to work with; our small company non-bureaucratic approach is focussed on ‘making it happen’.