Consumer Electrical/Electronic

Is your Consumer Electrical/Electronic product compliant?

All electrical and electronic products are subject to extensive regulatory requirements, which are in a constant state of change. Keeping on top of this to ensure compliance costs businesses time, money and absorbs valuable resources. Non-compliance can result in hazardous goods being placed on the market, with resulting legal implications.

We cost-effectively ensure manufacturers or importers overcome any and all of these hurdles, putting your products in the hands of consumers fast and at low risk!

As your global compliance solutions partner for all your electrical and electronic products, LUX-TSI can help.

Reduce the risk, cost and time taken to get your products to market!

We have all seen the repeated stories of faulty or non-compliant electrical/electronic equipment being withdrawn, with the supplier's loss of earnings and reputation, or worse! With our extensive regulatory knowledge and flexible range of testing services, we can ensure that your supply chain does it's job in minimzing your exposure to risk.  Get us involved early to ensure your product is ready quickly and effectively, with peace of mind!