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The lighting marketplace is facing unprecedented change. As rapidly-evolving technology enters the mainstream, widespread confusion and mistrust of data is prevalent. During this time of constantly-changing regulations, standards and compliance requirements, a trusted independent source becomes imperative.

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Medical devices face a wide range of market-specific regulatory requirements as well as numerous client-defined quality standards. All of which cost time, money and absorb valuable resources.  We cost-effectively ensure manufacturers or importers overcome any and all of these hurdles, putting your products in the hands of medical professionals Fast!

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Road Traffic Equipment

There are very specific regulations and standards relating to Road Traffic Equipment in the UK and European market. If you are manufacturing, importing or selling such equipment – from the humble traffic cone to a fully integrated Smart Motorway system – you have a responsibility to ensure your product is ‘safe and compliant’. Are you sure you are? LUX-TSI can help.

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Consumer Electrical/Electronic

Whether you are manufacturing or importing, there are very complex legal requirements behind CE marking and placing electrical/electronic products in the marketplace . Are you sure you are not exposed? Whether it is consultancy and support with your documentation and supply chain, or  testing safety, performance/efficiency or EMC, LUX-TSI can help.

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