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    LUX-TSI Lighting Testing

    We do not believe in testing for testing sake. Our philosophy is: Test once. Test smart. Test efficiently. The lighting marketplace is facing unprecedented change. As rapidly-evolving technology enters the mainstream, widespread confusion and mistrust of data is prevalent. During this time of constantly-changing regulations, standards and compliance requirements, a trusted independent source becomes imperative.

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    Consulting Services

    Independent Consultancy and Product Certification Services for LED and Lighting Companies
    The global lighting industry is facing unprecedented change driven by rapidly developing technology, evolving regulation and an increasingly competitive environment

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    Lux Verified

    LUX VERIFIED - A lighting data verification scheme - trusted, independent
    A Quality Mark demonstrating the compliance of your LED Lighting Products Backed by Independent Testing, Consultancy and Product Certification Services for LED and Lighting companies. How can you effectively assure your customer that your products are safe, will do the job, and will deliver the anticipated ROI?

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    EMC Compliance

    Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing and Compliance Services For All Lighting Companies.
    Our experts, laboratories and partners can support all your EMC needs from pre-compliance and research to market certification and regulatory approvals.

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    IoT Compliance

    Internet of Things (M2M) Consulting, Testing and Compliance Services For Lighting Companies

    Internet of Things (IoT) and LED is enabling a new digital lighting revolution. The lighting marketplace is facing unprecedented change. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the new digital LED light source are enabling lighting eco-systems providing true benefits of digital control and intelligence.

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    Road Safety Equipment Compliance for UK, EU, US and Global Markets.
    There are very specific regulations and standards relating to Road Traffic Equipment in the UK and European market. If you are manufacturing, importing or selling such equipment - from the humble traffic cone to a fully integrated Smart Motorway system - you have a responsibility to ensure your product is ‘safe and compliant’.

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    Lux Sure

    LUXSURE - A trusted lighting assurance scheme providing manufacturers with access to insurance backed warranties.

    Luxsure provides an industry leading, cost-effective, route to insurance backed warranty schemes for LED lighting manufacturers. Backed by Independent Testing and Verification from LUX-TSI and underwritten by Lloyds of London.

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    Trading Standards

    Supporting Trading Standards in Protecting the Consumer
    Trading Standards are at the forefront of consumer protection. Hundreds of new products enter the market every year - many are fine, but a significant number fail basic safety standards. Trading Standards, whilst at the forefront of protecting the public, don’t want to obstruct business unnecessarily. With so many new products and new technologies flooding the market, few Authorities can expect to be experts in everything. LUX-TSI understand that at peak times, like Christmas, the situation can be particularly fraught. Resolving problems quickly, efficiently and with confidence is essential.

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    Bike Light Testing

    Performance and safety testing services to world’s leading bike lighting companies.
    Are your bike lights compliant?
    There are specific standards relating to bicycle lights in the UK and Europe. If you’re manufacturing, importing or selling bike lights, you have a responsibility to ensure your product is ‘safe and compliant’. Are you sure you are? LUX-TSI can help.