Articles – Ask Dr J.

Dr Gareth Jones, that is, one of the UK’s top experts. He takes the fear out of lighting technology by answering the questions you are afraid to ask.

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There’s no getting away from it, lighting is a technical subject. But you don’t need a physics degree to understand it all – you need the doctor.

LEDs – Kill or Cure: Prove it!

The lighting community is facing a tsunami of outlandish claims regarding LEDs: What can be done to stop irreparably damage?

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Too Hot, Too Cold – The Goldilocks Syndrome

Life was simple when the only choice you had was wattage. Now it’s colour temperature. But when is it too hot, too cold or just right?

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Are your Chickens in the Mood?

Chickens with tetra-chromatic vision see far better than Humans, so lets stop stressing them out with bad lighting

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We’re already living the Dsytopian Future

Our roads are a hazard of our own making. Why do we deliberately go out of our way to provide dangerous lighting

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