UKAS Accredited Type-C Moving Mirror Goniophotometer

Unique within the UK, our photometry lab can provide UKAS-accredited intensity distribution measurements.  This allows our customers to meet global requirements for luminaire and LED module performance:

  • Accredited LM-79 reports (the world-wide standard for performance testing of LED products).
  • Approved Lighting Facts & Energy Star submissions.
  • Accredited lighting design data via IES/LDT files.

The system supplied by NRTL is one of the most advanced in the world – extremely accurate and repeatable, with a high degree of automation.  Accepting luminaires up to 1.9m in diameter, it provides high resolution, standard and simple resolution scans to provide targeted, cost-effective solutions to handle the complex optical intricacies of streetlights and high bay luminaires down to simple lamps.

We can also perform spectro-radiometric testing to assess colour, either simple on-axis testing or full colour-over-angle across the whole beam.

UKAS accredited Integrating Sphere and spectroradiometer

We can take measurements for Total Spectral Radiant Flux from which Total Luminous Flux is determined along with chromaticity and colorimetric values, such as x, y, u’, v’, Duv, Correlated Colour Temperature, Colour Rendering Index (R1-R15 and Ra) and Peak, and Dominant Wavelengths, etc.

We can also perform the latest TM-30 colorimetric analysis which gives excellent data for appraising colour rendition in 3 tiers:

  • Top-level 2-figure metric covering colour fidelity and gamut
  • Intuitive graphical data showing performance over the range of 99 colour samples and 16 key hues versus a reference
  • Detailed data sets supporting the above

All of which is UKAS accredited to support global performance testing requirements.

Photometry/safety lab: Type B goniophotometer, double monochromator

Our high precision double-monochromator can provide extremely precise spectral radiation measurements across a wide range of wavelengths.

Most frequently used in conjunction with a Type-B goniophotometer for assessing photobiological safety of lighting products, it can also be used for a wide range of custom spectral measurements from small light sources e.g. individual LEDs up to large luminaires and panels.

Safety test laboratory

Our safety laboratory enables testing of all electrical, thermal and physical aspects of LED and general lighting.

Further, our extensive safety facilities are fully equipped to support our skilled safety engineers in rapid safety testing in medical and consumer electronics products as well.

Dark tunnel Lab: 100’ long dark tunnel

Our dark tunnel can be fitted out with a wide range of Road Traffic Furniture to provide goniophotometry and large area isolux testing for road traffic, general lighting and specialist lighting e.g. marine/aerospace.

We can test a wide variety of Road Traffic equipment including reflective or active furntiure, as well as variable message signage

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Environmental Test Laboratory 1

Our primary environmental lab has multiple chambers and ovens allowing a wide range of controlled temperatures – fixed and cycling.

We support the multiple different test schedules for thermal testing and accelerated life-testing across the lighting, medical and consumer electronics product standards.

Environmental Test Laboratory 2

Our secondary environmental laboratory comprise a dedicated ‘hot room’ ensuring a controlled environment up to 600C for testing large scale products (up to 2m) such as street light luminaires.

With a combination of thermal imaging and multiple thermocouples combined with calibrated light measurement, we provide accurate and detailed assessment of thermal performance and in-situ thermal measurement data to assist with lifetime projection.

Life test laboratory

Our unique LM-80 cells offer a unique world-class, cost-effective and fully accredited solution for life-testing of LEDs.

We also perform a range of life-testing schemes for modules, lamps and luminaires in a controlled environment.

The tests range from formal testing per IEC standards to custom testing e.g. representations of specific application environments, such as heavily insulated ceilings or high external ambient temperatures.

Un-metered Supply testing Laboratory

Our unmetered supply test facility provides stable, accurate data approved by Elexon to support our ability to quickly and cost-effectively issue Charge Codes.

This facility is fully-automated utilising our in-house developed software control system.

Ingress and Impact Testing Laboratory

Our in-house facility providing Ingress Protection testing to IPX7 and will be expanding to cover up to IP65.

We also perform a wide range of impact and static load tests.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

LUX‐TSI offers, in association with partner, a suite of Electromagnetic Compatibility testing for all lighting products including luminaires and drivers:

230V Electronic Luminaires
  EN 55015
  EN 61547
  EN 61000-3-2
  EN 61000-3-3

Battery Electronic Luminaires
Non Electronic Luminaires

We are independent, accredited and approved. Our services are carried out to international standards.
Make LUX-TSI your global compliance partner for all your EMC testing needs.