What Our Customers Say

As experts in LED Lighting, our customers expect our products to be cutting-edge and to deliver on our promise. Therefore, it is essential we work with an independent test partner who can combine rigour and integrity regarding data, with the flexibility to support our rapid and complex development programs, and a pragmatic, cost-effective approach. The team at LUX-TSI has repeatedly delivered on all three and helped us get our products market-ready on time and budget.
Robin Day, Technical Director, Fortis Day

 LUX-TSI is a great testing partner. We worked with them to put together a custom testing schedule for a new luminaire based on our particular requirements. They invited us along to oversee the testing and change the testing programme based on results should we wish to. They were extremely quick to turnaround the results, and the service throughout was excellent.
Lawrence Baynham, Business Development, INDO Lighting

I have been working with LUX-TSI for over a year now, and consider them as part of my team. At Fourth Wall Design Solutions, we are working on several complex development projects, some requiring very specific, non-standard testing. The engineers at LUX-TSI have provided invaluable technical feedback, guidance on appropriate test method and verification, and guidance on compliance, as well as test data I can trust. Always on tight timescales and with an inevitably tight budget, working with LUX-TSI I have had the independent, trusted guidance and data I need, on time and at a competitive price. Thanks to the team for their support!
Dale Needham, Managing Director, Fourth Wall Design Solutions

Due to the scale of one of our projects, we needed an external testing firm who could meet our requirements. LUX-TSI proved to be a great choice to work with. Not only did they deliver results in a timely manner, they also provided a very cost effective solution, as we have various product families with several hundred different variations all of which potentially needed individual testing.

Their team studied our product line and understood what we really needed. This strategy worked as they subsequently came up with a testing regime which focused only the essential elements to be tested. LUX-TSI gave us the ideal testing plan for what we required, making the project efficient in both time and money. I wish to thank them for everything they have done, and look forward to working again with their team

Simeon Finch, Project Manager, Feilo Sylvania

We were looking for support in getting high-quality photometric data quickly and cost-effectively for our new product range. With a large number of product variants and a limited budget, we had to choose carefully. From those we looked at, LUX-TSI stood out as being the most knowledgeable, flexible and competitive. Most importantly, they delivered! With careful preparation and planning, they achieved a phenomenal amount of testing across three days, achieving all we wanted – independent, accredited photometric files and data for our complete product range on time and budget.

Darren Harper, Director, Chiara Lighting

At Which LED Light, we pride ourselves in offering trusted, independent guidance to our customers on the purchasing of LED lamps. So it is vital for us that we verify independently that the products we recommend will perform as expected. LUX-TSI are the obvious choice for us as an independent test house. They provide a hassle-free, quick and competitive service, but, more than that, their support and personal approach mean that we consider them as part of our team and can trust them to deliver; whether it’s reports, data, or just some advice. Rory Wilding, Commercial Director, Which LED Light

As our product range has grown we have needed a partner who can turn around photometric testing quickly. LUX-TSI has proven to be the ideal partner for fast, cost effective, quality and reliable testing. Mark Goodwin, Commercial Director, GlassGuard

“I’ve really enjoyed working with the Test Engineers at LUX-TSI over the last 12months or so. With state of the art equipment & an in depth knowledge of the standards that we need to adhere to, the friendly professional service offered by LUX-TSI engineers is really second to none. The way that they communicate sometimes quite complex test results back to their customers in an effort to help improve the performance of the product is a welcome breath of fresh air in this fast paced world we live in today”

Ian Thomas, Business Development Manager, TMP Ltd

Designplan Lighting is proud of its hard-earned reputation as a leading supplier of robust, reliable, lighting products. To support this, we need data we can trust in good time to meet demanding project deadlines. Often coming in a wide range of sizes and weights, our products frequently require special handling and custom testing. We use LUX-TSI because we can rely on them to deliver every time. Their flexibility and responsiveness enable us to get trusted data to our customers on time no matter what technical demands we throw at them!

Alan Dack, Compliance Manager